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Tailored To Increase Performance For Relationship-Based Salespeople
Guaranteed Income Increase.


Self Coaching

We offer this world class program specifically designed for those who want an individualized and self-paced program that easily fits into their busy schedules.

Adapted from the core coaching program, IMcoachable’s Mastermind is crafted for salespeople of any level in any industry looking to improve their professional career and work on their personal development entirely at their own pace. As part of the program, clients pay a $97 monthly subscription fee and receive access to training modules and accompanying videos every month. In addition, clients are invited to participate in a monthly, interactive Group call hosted by top leaders and influencers in the business world.



Could your team benefit from premium, custom sales training delivered by a top-producing sales executive and coach? Our firm can be your virtual sales training department—crafting advanced topics, creating training manuals, and teaching classes on-site or via video conferencing. Our topics are custom to each of our clients but here are just a few we’ve done in the past with clients.

Our firm can be your virtual sales training department—crafting advanced topics, creating training manuals, and teaching classes on-site or via video conferencing. Our topics are custom to each of our clients but here are just a few we’ve done in the past with clients. 



Our One-on-One consulting & coaching Program is for anyone who wants to get to the next level, whatever that means for you. Our specialty is relationship-based salespeople and more importantly, their leaders. We’re targeting immediate REVENUE GROWTH and personal income growth on DAY 1. Fair Warning: Your coach will be your toughest critic, your most enthusiast cheerleader, and accountability partner. We take pride in making a tremendous impact on you and your business—year over year, our clients have averaged a 35% increase in income and a 60% growth in revenue. We believe in principles and live them out in our lives and our relationship with our clients. If you have what it takes to jump in and you can promise that you will be 100% COACHABLE and committed to YOUR growth, then let’s set up a call.

Complimentary Community Mastermind

Have you ever wanted to be in a room full of people who are all after the same goal of ALWAYS GROWING? Imagine everyone in the room wants to grow and learn and develop themselves in EVERY area of their lives to develop themselves into the BEST versions of themselves. This community will be split into several areas but everyone can move between the tribes. Best of all, it’s 100% FREE meaning zero cost. BOOM!

Leaders Circle

The leader’s circle is a community mastermind set up to help every leader out there finally become the SERVANT leader they feel they want to be. IN this community you will be provided with the most effective tools and the most influential leaders to tap into. FREE CONTENT FOR ALL.

Producers Circle

This is where sales professionals from around the world come to learn and grow as a tribe. We band together and share best practices and ask the community for help. We have tons of content to share and we also have specialized break-out groups. It’s the best thing since sliced bread and I promise, it’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It’s a VIRTUAL REALITY!!!

Special Forces

This is where everyone wants to be but this is a reservation only and interview-based acceptance. This is for your ULTRA HIGH PRODUCERS, high-income earners, and people who generally speaking need to be around others who are WAAAY into their careers and need super fine-tuning in every area of life. Mindset, motivation, mind hacks, behavior modification, system automation, adopting AI in your business, and anything else necessary to make an enterprise grow into an empire.

Founders Circle

This is the community built around founders or companies big and small. The focus being startup founders and their early-stage planning and development. We will have topics and material ranging from choosing the best tech to automating your entire business. We will discuss best practices in several key areas but the major focus will be driving revenue FAST!! We will have the crème de la crème speakers and investors peeking in to help the community with top-notch guidance and advice.

Thousands of lives changed across our partner network.

About your coach

Jamie currently runs a tech-infused insurance brokerage. He previously served as the Chief Revenue Officer for, one of the first industrial AI camera companies automating quality control in the food sector. While supporting the Founder as a mentor. 

Jamie’s focus is a professional sales consultant, interim CRO, and speaker. He’s trained thousands of professionals worldwide. He’s made over 50,000 cold calls and finished in the top 1% in every company he’s ever served both as a leader and producer. He’s a sought after startup mentor at the famed, Platinum Level Alchemist Accelerator. He sits on advisory boards for top-producing organizations. Jamie has a passion for investing in emerging tech startups and currently has a portfolio of AI, Robotics, 3D Home Printing, Drone technology, real estate, training, and automation companies.

Jamie has a passion for serving and genuinely connecting with people from all parts of the world. His taste for adventure began in Airborne School on his way to the famed 101st Airborne Division. He’s a true eagle in every organization he has ever served as he is about affecting positive change with everyone he meets

What Our
Clients are


My Sales Performance Coach, Jamie Hourahan are the best thing to happen to me in my sales career as a Mortgage Lending Advisor. My income has tripled in the first 4 months. My life is organized. I’m more disciplined, more productive and have less stress. Jamie’s systems have put me in control of my day. My production has expanded by leaps and bounds through their awesome referral system and presentation strategies. I can’t thank Jamie enough. Sign up now, you will not regret it!
Jeff K.
Founder & CEO
I was very hesitant at starting a coaching program when I first heard about it. I knew that I could use the help but I also knew I didn't want the cost. Now the cost changed to an investment and the coach turned into a friend. One with grit enough to tell me what I need to hear. Before the coaching I focused on how to handle what may come my way as a manager. Stress was a huge part of my day dealing with my team. Now, because of my coach, Jamie Hourahan, my stress is replaced with clear thoughts because I can handle the team and what comes along with leading them. Learning what makes them tick and how they operate gives me the advantage. When my team asked me what happened to the old me, I tell them that he changed. The saying goes "its not about me- its about us"! In this case it was all about me and what I can do to improve. My coach, Jamie was awesome at helping me grow so I can move to the next level. My question is "How much do you want to grow"? What an experience!
Steve B.
AFLAC Market Leader
I started working with Jamie in early August 2018. Most notably, he immediately helped me identify the few critical tasks that were responsible for most of my production throughout the current year, and structured a focused plan of attack to further increase my production and income for the remainder of the year.Three months later, I have effectively doubled my production, and the majority of my recent success is directly tied to what Jamie has taught me in the last few months. Not only is Jamie very knowledgeable about the sales process, he's a terrific coach, and a high-producing sales professional himself.I would recommend Jamie to anyone that is looking to increase their sales productivity in a heartbeat.
Van. B
Real Estate
Dear Coach, I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to what I am capable of! My confidence has soared so much since we began coaching a year ago and so has my bank account! My sales volume in the first quarter of this year has increased by 1,115.9% since the first quarter of 2016 and my commission earnings are up by 938.1% since March of 2016. Thanks for believing in me and making me recognize that my potential is limitless!
Real Estate Broker
I am excited to be part of the Jamie Hourahan coaching program. I knew I needed to get my time management under control if I wanted to succeed. In fact, it was so bad that I was having trouble even after I was in coaching. As soon as I began to apply myself and the techniques my coach Jim Sander was teaching me, I went out and sold 3 homes in 3 days!! Thank you Jamie for helping me see my success is in my hands.
Lester V.
Real Estate Agent

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We offer this world class program specifically designed for those who want an individualized and self-paced program that easily fits into their busy schedules.

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